1700 –
Welcome reception
Karin Sellberg & Elizabeth Stephens: Welcome address
Introductions to Program Elements:

  • Tarsh Bates: ‘Performing Spacetimematter’
  • Nick Fox & Pam Alldred: ‘Space/time Monism and the Rematerialisation of Sociology’
  • Astrida Neimanis, Rebecca Giggs, Jennifer Mae Hamilton, Kate Wright & Tessa Zettel: ‘The Wethering Report’
  • Katve-Kaisa Kontturi & Kim Donaldson: ‘Feminist Colour-IN’
  • Kamillea Aghtan: Somatechics 10 Art

Poetry Readings:

  • Shastra Deo: ‘The Agonist’
  • Anna Gibbs: ‘Dividuum and Details’
0930 KEYNOTE: Suvendrini Perera, ‘See you in the funny pages: Penal sites, teletechnics, counter-artifactualities’ (chair: Karin Sellberg)
1100A Biotechnologies (chair: Nick Mattingly)
Philip Armstrong, ‘“Little lamb, who made thee”: Ovine utopias’
Annie Potts, ‘Interspecies violence against female bodies (or, What do factory farms and feminist sex research have in common?)’
Tereza Hendl, ‘The somatechnics of autologous stem cell treatments’
1100B Gender and Physical Cultures in Media and Space (chair: Erika Kerruish)
Rebecca Olive & Valeria Varea, ‘Healthy, happy, active, strong: Progress selfies and the construction of women’s bodies’
Mair Underwood, ‘“U mad coz I’m stylin on u brah with my aesthetics?”: Embodiment and the performance of gender in the Zyzz fandom of recreational bodybuilders’
Candice Fields & Adele Pavlisis, ‘Beach body ready: bodily techniques and embodied technologies for feminist negotiations of body/image.’
1100C Sex, Subjects and Substance in a World of Becoming (chair: Kamillea Aghtan)
Steven Angelides & J.R. Latham, ‘The sexual futures of trans children’
Bronwyn Wilson, ‘“Time spent wasting is not wasted time”: The queer temporalities of pro-anorexia’
Kate Seear, ‘Authenticity, temporality and legal enactments of the addicted subject’
1100D Having Bad Sex with the Earth (chaired by panellists)
Lindsay Kelley, ‘Extreme baking: Bad ecosex with common wheat’
Astrida Neimanis, ‘Residual waters (the morning after)’
Majidi Warda, ‘“I love you so much it makes me sick”: Fire textualities and fossil fuels’
1100E Fashion, Design, Assemblages (chair: Marcia Nancy Flude)
Hannah McCann, ‘Resisting identity, connecting bodies: Exploring the materiality of femininity’
Katve-Kaisa Konturi, ‘Cloth-bodies: Fashion, technicity, affect’
Sarah Elsie Baker, ‘Back to the future: Feminist speculative design and alternative pasts’
1300 LUNCH
1400A Trans Realities (chair: Karin Sellberg)
Matthew Bruce Ingram, ‘Trans worldmaking practices on YouTube through gender timeline videos’
Benjamin Bolton, ‘Testosterone and trans masculinity: Reciprocally forming realities’
Akkadia Ford, ‘One year, three trans cinematic narratives: Duration, compression and extension of time in contemporary transgender cinema’
1400B Non-Human Socialisation (chair: Nicholas Carah)
Erika Kerruish, ‘Machinic gazes: the eyes of social robots and human corporeality’
Samantha Lindop, ‘Dea ex machina: Gynoid configurations in recent cinema’
Madeleine Boyd, ‘Multiple partial-perspectives: Human, horse and technicity’
1400C Reproductive Technologies (chair: Andrea Josipovic)
Nicola J Marks, ‘Embodied IVF in France – 1982­–2016’
Jaya Keaney, ‘Making future kin: Likeness and future-time in donor-assisted conception’
1400D Encountering the (Non-)Human (chair: Peta Hinton)
Christina Chau, ‘Framing destroyed human bodies in Thomas Hirschhorn’s Touching Reality
Alexandra McEwan, ‘Symbolic violence and the animal protection field: reading Bourdieu through Francis Bacon’s Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion
Fiona McAllan, ‘Clive Hamilton’s anthroposcene and relational ontology’
1400E Memory and Intra-action (chair: Ilona Hongisto)
Marie-Louise Angerer, ‘Affective forces: The time of life and technology’
Paul Kirkham, ‘Debt and the temporalised body’
Nick Fox & Pam Alldred, ‘Memory, space/time mattering and the production of social life’
1400F WORKSHOP: Tarsh Bates, Performing spacetimematter
1600A Trans Narratives/Narratives of Trans (chair: Akkadia Ford)
Natasha Seymour, ‘Reading bodies and articulating identities: Transgender and transsexual embodiment in theory’
Luara Karlson-Carp, ‘Questioning the ethics of sexual difference: Technophobia and transphobia in Luce Irigaray’
Jake Pyne, ‘Arresting Ashley X: Trans youth, puberty blockers and the engineering of the future’
1600B Social Media Bodies: Temporality, Orientation and Affect (chair: Rebecca Olive)
Amy Shields Dobson, ‘Nightlife, affect and young women’s body images on social media: algorithms and ‘body-heat’
Matt Hart, ‘Digitally-mediated neo-tribes: Temporal bodies and ontological anchoring’
Akane Kanai, ‘Engendering a mind/body split: The instrumentalisation of gendered, raced and classed bodies on Tumblr’
1600C Questioning Medical Somatechnics (chair: Elizabeth Stephens)
Alison Moore, ‘Reading Foucault’s “Flesh” and “Work on the Self” alongside McGilchrist’s Divided Brain in Consideration of Contemporary “Biohacking”’
Andrea Josipovic, ‘Historicing the hype: Child sexual abuse in early 20th century discourses’
Michelle Jamieson, ‘Between the sciences: Locating the object of psychosomatic medicine’
1600D Representing Melancholia: Disembodiment and the Artificial Body (chair: Katve-Kaisa Kontturi)
Harriette Richards, ‘A disembodied dance: The ghosts of fashion imagery’
Louise Fanning, ‘“How do I look?”: Sadness, sexuality and violence in the visual representation of cinematic AIs’
Alyssa Choat, ‘The body beneath: Disembodiment through symbolic inversion’
1600E Time and Relationality (chair: Marie-Louise Angerer)
Daniel Black, ‘Real time’
Daniela Cerqui, ‘Merging with Technology’
Laura Glitsos, ‘My iPod, myself: Grief and loss in the world of mobile touchscreen technology’
1730 KEYNOTE & PUBLIC LECTURE: Susan Stryker (chair: Elizabeth Stephens)
0900 SPOTLIGHT PANEL: Disability, Dislocations and Dissidence (chair: Elizabeth Stephens)
Sharon Snyder & David Mitchell, ‘Memorialising disability: Contemplating low-level agency in non-normative citizenries’
Robert McRuer, ‘Cripistemology of the crisis: Desiring disability in an age of austerity’
Gail Weiss, ‘Doing time in a for-profit space: Re-negotiated identities in the prison industrial complex’
1100A The Quantified Self (chair: Nikki Sullivan)
Emily Cock, ‘Timing the body in John Floyer’s The Physician’s Pulse-Watch (1707)’
Christopher O’Neill, ‘The cultural techniques of medical haptic media, from the sphygmograph to photoplethysmography and the Apple Watch’
Thao Phan, ‘The politics of materiality and the gendered voice of Siri
1100B Virtually Queer (chair: Erika Kerruish)
Jordan McArthur, ‘Sculpting in time: Bareback weblogs and crafting the everyday’
Carl Bonner-Thompson, ‘“No camp, no fem”: Masculinities, sexualities and embodiment across Grindr’
Shane Tas, ‘Heidegger on Grindr: Fragmentation, enframing and the persistence of nature-culture dichotomies in new technologies’
1100C Chronologics (chair: Kamillea Aghtan)
Cressida Heyes, ‘Addiction lite: Everyday anaesthetic time’
Brooke Kathleen MacArthur, ‘“You’re live!”: The conditioning and modulation of bodies in live television’
Ruth Barcan, ‘Paying dearly for privilege: Vocationalism and the body in academic life’
Holly Randell-Moon, ‘The somatechnics of digital infrastructure and citizenship in the Gigatown competition in the South Island’
1100D Biocreativity (chair: Elizabeth Stephens)
Tarsh Bates, ‘The queer temporality of CandidaHomo biotechnocultures’
Jaden Hastings, ‘Xenopoiesis – acts of corporeal estrangement’
Svenja Kratz, ‘Emergent methodologies between disciplinary belongings’
Fiona Fell, ‘A view from the inside: Art scanning from a somatechnical perspective’
1100E Embodied Time and New Materialism (chair: Peta Hinton)
Monika Rogowska-Stangret, ‘Temporal cuts in the bodily encounters with zoe
Ilona Hongisto, ‘Documentary, Time and Embodiment’
Michelle Royer, ‘Stars’ embodiment and the ageing process in cinema’
Tuula Juvonen, ‘Lesboratories, or On the productivity of material intra-actions’
1300 LUNCH
1400 KEYNOTE: Vicki Kirby, ‘New Materialism: A problem resolved or displaced?’ (chair: Peta Hinton)
1600A Disability and Time (chair: Rebecca Olive)
Miranda Johnson, ‘Queer futures? Hacking gender through technology and collective making’
James Sheldon, ‘From no futures to the ship of fools: Building an alternative futurity for children and adults with disabilities’
Susannah French, ‘Access, resistance and “digital” bodies: The technical narratives as presented by autistic women’
Isabella Karpin & Karen O’Connell, ‘Social inequalities and the stressed body’
1600B Somatechnic Fictions (chair: Tomasz Sikora)
Rajni Mujral, ‘Of vanishing bodies and embodied signs: Corporeality in the digital phase’ (Skype)
Carolyn Lake, ‘Speaking through the body: Lesbian representation in Henry Richardson’s short fiction’
Wendy Gay Pearson, ‘“Alone and single-bodied”: Cyborg technicity, queer temporality and the possibilities of agender embodiment’
Susan Knabe, ‘“It’s the freakiest show”: Queerness, temporality and Life on Mars
1600C Being In and Out of Time (chair: Karin Sellberg)
Emma Wilson & Jeremy Kane, ‘Universally alien: Xenofeminist politics and the future of the body’
Alex Edney-Browne, ‘The drone interface: Locating the “human” in digital war
Holly Giblin, ‘The non-temporate tropical other: Women disrupting Western normative constructions of bodies, time and space in Cairns, Far North Queensland’
Rachael Gunn, ‘Breaking bodies: Deterritorialising (gendered) bodies through breakdancing’
1600D Violence and Resistance (chair: Katariina Kyrölä)
Honni van Rijswijk, ‘Suffering in Lars von Trier’s Dogville and the aesthetics of complicit witnessing’
Debra Ferreday, ‘“What doesn’t kill you makes you stranger”: The queer temporalities of survival as superpower in Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Grace Sharkey, ‘The promise of queer pornography’
Madeleine Pettet, ‘What if we were all werewolves?: Combating the gender binary with claws, fangs and fur’
1600E Somatechnic Subjectification (chair: Astrida Neimanis)
Miranda Bruce, ‘The ontogenesis of somatechnics’
Nikki Rotas, ‘Wearable technologies and the co-composition of bodies’
Nancy Mauro-Flude, ‘A romantic mutiny in a maelstrom of data’
Alana Lentin, ‘The impact of antiracism apps on race, space and embodiment’
1600F WORKSHOP: Pam Alldred & Nick Fox, Space/time monism and the rematerialisation of sociology
1800 BREAK
Vappu Jalonen, Noise-time
Virginia Barratt, Eve Klein and AnA Wojak, de-tonation
Catherine Driscoll, ‘The trans girl: visibility, anxiety and reassurance’ (chair: Elizabeth Stephens)
Margrit Shildrick, ‘(Micro)chimerism, immunity and temporality: Rethinking the ecology of life’ (chair: Karin Sellberg)
1100A The darkening: Language lined with flesh lined with language (chair: Anna Gibbs) 
Quinn Eades, ‘The temporality of sound: Voice, testosterone, and transformation’
Virginia Barratt, ‘!panic! ictic vocalities’
Francesca Da Rimini, ‘Howl/Hurl: Resonances between the subjective inner states of infants and ecstatics’
1100B Reflecting on Pedagogy (chair: Rebecca Olive)
Vanessa Fredericks, ‘Somatechnics/mnemotechnics: Towards an embodied, ethical practice of reflection’
David Rousell, ‘Technicities of engagement: Diagramming noncompliant learning environments for Anthropocene times’
Briohny Walker, ‘Self-transformative ethics and the Free University movement’
John Ryan, ‘Skin and ink: Teaching English’
1100C Theorising/Living Somatechnics (chair: Monika Rogowska-Stangret)
Dennis Bruining, ‘Originary somatechnics’
Ben Nunquam, ‘Events and somatechnics’
Tomasz Sikora, ‘How to have a (queer) body?’
Susan Kozel, ‘Technologies of memory: A somatic approach to 3D archival technologies’
1100D Life/Death (chair: Karin Sellberg)
Russell Smith, ‘The ghosts of vitalism in contemporary Frankenstein films’
Saartje Tack, ‘The logic of life: Thinking suicide somatechnologically’
Katarine Jaworski, ‘The timing of the body in suicide’
Peta Hinton & Xin Liu, ‘“Modern technology owes ecology an apology”, or Life’s suicidal Technē’
1100E Imaging and Time (chair: Ilona Hongisto)
Warwick Mules, ‘Photosense as the stilled image of time’
Jaqueline Felstead, ‘Loss in a simulated environment (and other works): The significance of newness, and error, in early photographic processes through Walter Benjamin and Kaya Silverman’
William Polson, ‘Queer relations: Towards autoethno[photo]graphy’
Rebecca Najdowski, ‘Photomedia: Earth, time, light’
1300 LUNCH
1400 KEYNOTE: Valerie Traub, ‘Anatomy, Cartography, and the Prehistory of Normality’ (chair: Peter Cryle)
1600A Science, Narrative and Inclusion (chair: Elizabeth Stephens)
Nikki Sullivan & Corrine Ball, ‘Museological Somatechnics, or, pushing the limits of inclusion’
Maureen Burns, ‘Frontiers, weak objectivity and the Heroic Individual’
Jamie Milton Freestone, ‘Implied embodiment in popular evolutionary science texts’
1600B Bodies and Transformation (chair: Erika Kerruish)
Kataarina Kyrölä, ‘Affective indigeneity: Queering ecology and Sami authenticity in Sweden’s Got Talent
Nicholas Carah, ‘Attunement: The work of tuning the bodily capacity to affect into calculative media’
Julie Vulcan, ‘Bodies of concern – temporary sites for transformation’
1600C Early/modern Materiality (chair: Karin Sellberg)
Simon Dumas Primbault, ‘Paper minds and their conservation research notebooks as prosthetic technologies in early modern Europe’
Tully Barnett, ‘“A book dyed with the blood of the press”: The informational body and the fleshy text’
Paige Donaghy, ‘An unformed lump: Early Modern catheorisation of molar births’
1600D The Creative Earth (chair: Marcia Nancy Flude)
Steven Finch, ‘Technicity, temporality, embodiment’ (Skype)
Hartmut Veit, ‘Temporal dissonance at the coalface’
Andrew Goodman, ‘Fragility, flux and the rewilding of art’
1600E Art, Activism, Praxis (chair: Kim Donaldson)
Tal Fitzpatrick, ‘Performing dissensus: Craftivism and the political moment’
Su Yang, ‘Feminist/feminine aesthetics: Representing women and cosmetic surgery’
Linda Voase and Denise N. Rall, ‘Contextualizing Neo-paganism elements within World of Warcraft’s screen culture: Artist as avatar creates Lilorean Lightwillow’
1600F WORKSHOP: Astrida Neimanis, Rebecca Giggs, Jennifer Mae Hamilton, Kate Wright & Tessa Zettel, ‘The Weathering Report’
1730 BREAK
Anna Gibbs, ‘Figuring: A relational mimetic’ (chair: Karin Sellberg)
1830 BREAK
Performance by AñA Wojak & Quinn de Rosa Pontello with guest appearance by Eve Klein, ‘*TRANS-FORMATION*


Trish Adams, Fractured Message, a space to cross

Camille Auer, Monument for the Excluded

Quinn de Rosa Pontello, Reaction to landscape.

Anna Helme, MyMy

Ali Russell and Monique Schafter, Trans Boys

Ewan Duarte, Change Over Time